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Beauty Sleep

With so many Estée Lauder products to choose from,
it’s hard to play favourites. But that won’t stop us from trying.
Here’s what we’re loving this month.

Resilience Lift Night
Lifting/Firming Face and Neck Creme

Here at Estée Lauder, we’ve long sung the praises of nighttime and its restorative benefits. Our #1 serum, Advanced Night Repair, was designed for exactly that purpose, taking advantage of skin’s natural nightly rhythm to help maximise skin renewal for a refreshed morning look.

We’re now taking this idea of nighttime to the next level with the launch of new Resilience Lift Night Lifting/Firming Face and Neck Creme. Our research uncovered that, in addition to the night being the optimal time for renewal, skin’s natural collagen production also peaks at night. That’s why we’ve loaded this nourishing night creme with ingredients like marine algae and a tri-peptide blend, to help skin maximise its natural collagen-boosting window for a significantly more lifted look.

We also added a comforting blend of avocado oil and melon extracts to help wrap skin in a protective layer of hydration, meaning that as soon as you hit the pillow, your skin is really making the most of its beauty sleep.

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