Pure Color Love


Ultra Mattes, Shimmer Pearls, Edgy Cremes.

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Product Details

There are no rules in Love.

Color. Create. Customize. Fun, daring lip color with good-for-you ingredients that help smooth lips and renew moisture. In four fashion-forward finishes:

Cremes, Chromes and Shimmers have a deliciously balmy texture.

Mattes are bold, vibrant, rich and long-lasting, feel weightless. Keep that “just applied” look for hours.

Mix, remix, create your look. There’s so many ways to Love.
How to Use

Make Your Own Mix

The Lipstick Layer
Apply one shade on top lip, another on the bottom. Press lips together and blow a kiss to blend.
Hot and Cold: Blasé Buff + Hot Rumor
Spiced Up: Hot Streak + Shock & Awe
So In Love With You: Radical Chic + Burning Love

The Ombré Lip
One shade goes from outside in. One from inside out. You blend them where they meet up in the middle.
Loves Me, Loves Me Not Bar Red (outside) + Raw Sugar (inside)
Crazy in Love Juiced Up (outside) + Crazy Beautiful (inside)
Stoke The Flame: Proven Innocent (outside) + Hot Rumor (inside)

The Mono Chrome Lip
Always overlay the Cooled Chrome finish on top of other shades. Watch it cool your look from Day to Night in a flash. Love on the Rocks: Rebel Glam (base) + Moon Rock (layer)
Date Night Rendezvous: Love Object (base) + Nova Noir (layer)
Bad Romance: Haute & Cold (base) + Pocket Venus (layer)

Ultra Mattes, Shimmer Pearls, Edgy Cremes.