January 1,

What is your favorite Mother’s Day memory from childhood?

I think just the idea that it really is defined as Mother's Day. It's not just dinner, or lunch, or a gift. And, for us, it always involved the whole family, my grandmother as well. That was really nice.

How did your family spend the day when you were growing up?

Spending time together. In my family, you start off in the morning, it's like a great breakfast, and you do everything you want to do that day. It lasts all day long. We're usually in Long Island, near East Hampton, and we just have family time with my parents. Estée used to love to go out there, too. That was our wonderful family time, the beach, and just being together. And then we always have a delicious dinner and exchange meaningful gifts.

What are some of the things you remember doing for your mother and grandmother as a kid?

Definitely art projects. I used to always give my mother and my grandmother drawings or poems or paper flowers. It’s funny, I actually still have some of the things I made for Estée. [Aerin pulls out from her desk a homemade bookmark with a rainbow colored grosgrain ribbon and the words “I love you…Love Aerin” written in crayon.] My sister and I always used to make art projects and then my mom framed them. That’s where I got the idea of framing my kids’ artwork. There’s nothing more valuable than something your child makes.

I used to always give my mother and my grandmother, Estée, drawings or poems or paper flowers.

How do you think being a mother has changed you?

I think it just changes your priorities. Being a mother is the most amazing role. I love my boys more than anything. I think it’s the first time I actually put everything in perspective. Years ago, before I was married, before I had kids, I would spend all Saturday with a friend. We used to roam around finding the perfect black short skirt. Just have lunch and go to parties. My Saturdays now entail sports games, or food shopping for my boys, or doing things with them. I think your life changes for the better because it becomes more complete.

And how have your kids carried on the tradition? What has been the best thing they’ve done for you for Mother’s Day so far?

Probably the same types of things my sister and I did. I love when traditions continue. I have these amazing framed poems that they wrote me at school for Mother’s Day. They do Mother’s Day teas and they write poems like, “I love you because…” It’s just really sweet.

What gifts are you planning on giving this Mother’s Day?

We have new heart nesting dishes in the line, which are really cute. And I love gifting candles. I have a new candle collection that is so pretty. There are lots of florals and they’re all about destinations—they’re sentimental and fun, to remind my mom of the places we’ve been together.