January 1,

“I always wanted to be a mom. If I wasn't doing what I'm doing now, I’d probably be a nursery school teacher because I love children and that’s such a fun age for kids. Being a mother teaches you different priorities because your life is no longer just about you. My mother used to tell me that you only have one chance to be a great mom; you need to prioritize your children and make them happy and I try to follow that advice every day. My ideal Mother’s Day is to spend time with my sons, who are now 15 and 13. They’re becoming my friends, which is the most rewarding part about being a parent.  The best gifts they’ve ever given me are things that they made when they were younger, like poems that were spelled incorrectly. I would frame them and put them in my dressing room and in my office.  The best gift I’ve ever given my mother is the opportunity to be a grandmother, but generally, I think a good rule is to give your mom something that will make her smile—flowers, a fragrance, one of our heart frames or heart-shaped boxes. We also have our Day Essentials Gold Bangles that my mother loves. There’s something fun about symbolism so I’ve given her one bangle for each of her grandchildren.”

Mother’s Day musings—and gift ideas—from our Style and Image Director and the Founder and Creative Director of AERIN