February 1,

There’s no denying our love for lipstick. We’ve got shades stashed in every corner of our lives — purses, desk drawers, cars and likely even a pants pocket or two. And there’s no committing to just one shade, either; each occasion calls for its own classic shade. We reach for red for a glam night out, orange when we want to spice it up, plum when we feel vampy. But if we could prescribe one shade that should be in every woman’s arsenal, it would be the perfect nude lipstick shade.

These shades have been riding a major trend wave for the past few years, but their necessity transcends their popularity. And the latest iteration of the trend truly withstands the test of time: MLBB, which stands for My Lips But Better. It’s exactly what it sounds like — picking that just-right nude hue, whether peachy, pink or brown and using it to sculpt your lips to polished perfection. But, like the rest of our faces, lips vary greatly, especially regarding natural lip tone. This is why finding the best nude lipstick shade will change from person to person, whether that be a nude brown lipstick, a nude pink lipstick, or something in between. A nude lipstick is so versatile and should be a staple in every makeup kit.

How to choose a nude lipstick shade

“I always tell women that nude lips and natural lips are not the same,” Global Pro Makeup Artist, Victor Henao explains. “When you choose a nude lipstick, you want to go for a shade that is lighter than your natural lip colour. When you choose a natural lipstick, or an MLBB shade, it should be one that matches your actual lip colour or is slightly deeper.” Finding the best nude lipstick is about understanding your skin's undertone and matching your lipstick to that. That way, you can ensure the shade and finish best complement your complexion.

What is my skin undertone?

To identify your skin undertone, check your veins under natural light. Bluish or purple veins indicate a cool undertone, while greenish or olive veins suggest a warm undertone. Difficulty distinguishing might mean you have a neutral undertone. Cool-toned individuals shine in colder undertones, and warm-toned in earthy hues. Neutrals can wear a wide range of colours. Knowing your undertone helps you choose the right nude lipstick shade to enhance your natural beauty.

What are the best nude lipstick shades?

The best nude lipstick shade will complement your complexion. Our new Pure Color Lipstick range offers six versatile nude lipstick shades in the Nudes To Browns family. These stunning nude lipsticks feature a Moisture Lock Complex with naturally derived ingredients and a long-wearing formula that promises to stay put for up to 10 hours. They also come in a range of matte, crème and lustre finishes.

1. Suit Up

This shade is the hero nude lipstick shade of the new Pure Color Lipstick range. Suit Up is the best nude lipstick for fair skin and works particularly well with neutral to cool undertones. With a stunning matte finish and full coverage, your lips will look sleek and stylish. You might consider pairing this shade with the Double Wear 24H Stay-in-Place Lip Liner in Taupe for the ultimate nude lip.

2. Modern Muse

Modern Muse is the best nude lipstick for those with lighter skin tones but a more neutral to warm undertone. This shade is a peach nude lipstick that will instantly warm up your complexion. The creme finish and full coverage effect allow the lipstick to glide on effortlessly and leave the lips looking plump as ever. Pair it with the Double Wear 24H Stay-in-Place Lip Liner in Spice, and your lips will look lined and ready.

3. Love Bite

Another great nude lipstick shade for neutral to warm undertones is Love Bite. This shade is more of a pinky nude lipstick with a matte finish. This lipstick contains Salicornia Herbacea Extract, which helps to maintain the lips’ moisture and comfort over time. Paired with the Double Wear 24H Stay-in-Place Lip Liner in Blush, your lips will be pink and velvety smooth.

4. In Control

In Control is the best nude lipstick for medium skin tones. With a deeper pinky nude undertone, it works perfectly with cooler skin tones. The lipstick bullet is also perfectly shaped to help sculpt the curves of your lips with effortless precision. To complete the look, try lining your lips with the Double Wear 24H Stay-in-Place Lip Liner in Rose.

5. Knowing

This shade is a beautiful, deep nude brown lipstick colour suited to medium skin tones. Containing a potent blend of Red Raspberry Seed Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil and Apricot Seed Oil, the formula will nourish and condition lips with a matte finish. Try the Double Wear 24H Stay-in-Place Lip Liner in Spice underneath for a more elevated look.

6. Change the World

This spicy shade is a deep nude brown lipstick perfect for darker skin tones and all skin undertones. Pair with the perfect nude lip liner, our Double Wear 24H Stay-in-Place Lip Liner in Chestnut, and you’ve got yourself a sultry nude lip look.

Start experimenting! A colour can look much different in the bullet than it does on your lips, so play with lots of shades and see which is the best match for your natural tone. “A general rule when it comes to nudes,” Henao advises: “If it looks odd, chances are it’s too light for you.” Another tip: Go makeup-free when you’re trying on. Since this trend is all about looking natural, you don’t want a particular makeup look to interfere with the real you.

How to create a nude lipstick makeup look

The best part of the MLBB trend is that it doesn’t require a lot of bells and whistles to complete the natural lipstick look. Once you have found the perfect nude lipstick shade, it’s time to style up the rest of your face. Elevate your foundation routine with our Double Wear Foundation and ensure your face is as smooth and flawless as your lips.

Ready to find your perfect nude? Discover our range of lipsticks here!