January 27,
Katie Moradian

What is a treatment lotion and how is it different to a toner?
Sometimes called a skin essence or a watery lotion, treatment lotions are the perfect ‘extra care’ step in anyone’s skincare routine. They penetrate the skin's surface deeply so the skin feels stronger and more hydrated. A treatment lotion is different to a toner because toners are for removing impurities, whereas treatment lotions, which can be thought of as a hydrating essence or a watery hydrating lotion, are for adding hydration (and other) ingredients.

Why do you need a treatment lotion?
If you struggle with dehydration, dullness or signs of ageing, a treatment lotion could be the product your skin is missing! It will optimise your skin’s ability to absorb serums and moisturisers to help skin maintain moisture throughout the day. Essentially, if you are wondering how to hydrate skin even more with your skincare routine, a treatment lotion is the answer!

What treatment lotion do you recommend for those with oily skin and breakouts?
Did you know, when oily skin is dehydrated, it overcompensates with more oil production? A treatment lotion will help keep skin hydrated and comfortable without looking shiny or feeling greasy. Choose Micro Essence Sakura for additional pore-refining and brightening benefits, or Nutritious Super-Pomegranate to help cell turnover to detoxify the skin.

Which treatment lotions are best for those wanting extra hydration?
If your skin is feeling dry, a treatment lotion will instantly soothe dry skin, with fast-absorbing moisture. It can also support your skin’s moisture barrier to help combat the effects of harsh environments or pollution. The best hydrating essence for dehydrated skin is Estée Lauder’s Micro Essence, which is great for nourishing skin to help it feel balanced and strong, or if you want added anti-ageing benefits, try the Re-Nutriv Ultimate Lift Regenerating Youth Treatment Lotion which helps skin tone look more even.

What are some of the key ingredients in Estée Lauder’s treatment lotions?
It varies, but our treatment lotions are packed with good-for-skin ingredients, such as Hyaluronic Acid to act as a moisture magnet, algae extracts to help soothe and vital micronutrients to reveal a healthy glow. Some also contain antioxidants.

Where do treatment lotions fit into your skincare routine?
Once you have cleansed your skin AM and PM, apply 5-6 drops to your fingertips or cotton pads. Gently press into the skin or glide the saturated cotton pad over the face from the centre out. Follow with your treatment serum, eye cream and moisturiser. Adding in the treatment lotion step will take your hydrating skincare routine to the next level!

How do you apply treatment lotions?
You can use your fingertips or saturated cotton pads to apply. Or, why not create a DIY sheet mask - also known as a Shifu mask! To do this, fully saturate thin cotton pads with your treatment lotion, soaking enough pads to cover your entire face. Place onto different areas of the face as a “mask” and remove after 10 minutes. This method is a great skin hydration treatment for maximum effect!