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Drink Pink

When wine met makeup: blush and bottle pairings
from the Yes Way Rosé team.

Some of the best business ideas are hatched over good times with friends and, occasionally, a few good bottles. So it went for Erica Blumenthal and Nikki Huganir, childhood friends who developed a unique and funny rapport over their collective love for rosé wine a few summers back. “We thought, if rosé could make us this happy, others might enjoy it too,” recalls Blumenthal who, along with Huganir, did what any New York-based 30-something raised in the digital age does to broadcast a new passion: they took to social media to talk about it. “We didn’t have any grand ideas in mind,” Huganir explains of a few nascent tweets that beget a niche Instagram account cleverly called @YesWayRose, “so all of this has been a truly unexpected and wonderful surprise.”

A great rosé can transform any meal or get-together into an even more beautiful—and photogenic!—experience.

The “this” Huganir is referring to is an explosion of interest in the women’s platform—and their corresponding branded merchandise, which includes pink iPhone cases and logo tees, and their über popular tote bags, which the duo affectionately refers to as totés. The traction stems not just from the twosome’s clever photo captions and inventive hashtags (you can thank team YWR for #summerwater, their rosé pet name that now regularly plasters like-minded Instagram accounts); but also from an uptick in thinking about rosé as a viable alternative to more standard reds and whites, especially in the warmer months when it is at its peak season. “I think people are realising how incredibly versatile the wine is,” suggests Blumenthal. “A great rosé can transform any meal or get-together into an even more beautiful—and photogenic!—experience,” she continues, pointing out one of the crisp, light, chilled beverage's biggest selling points, as far as she and Huganir are concerned: its light blush, pale pink colour. “It’s feminine without being overtly girly or bright,” she says of the wine’s physical appearance; that it also happens to pair well with myriad different meals—and makeup—is an added bonus.

Just in time for the onset of Spring, we asked Yes Way Rosé to curate an exclusive wine list for Estée Stories, replete with coordinating pigment pairings so you can match your go-to blush with your new favourite beverage.

Channing Daughters Rosato di Syrah

Long Island NY, 2014

The Drinkability: This well-balanced, juicy rosé is the ideal wine to serve for your first al-fresco dinner this season—a true sign that spring is finally here. The winery also happens to be located in the Hamptons and is an amazing place to visit if you're at the beach in the summer!

The Color Quality: Rosy-apricot

The Perfect Pairing: An easy, shimmering peachy-pink lip gloss will add a sparkle to your natural, post-sun glow following a day spent sipping this wine outside, minus a few layers.

Red Car Rosé of Pinot Noir

Sonoma Coast CA, 2014

The Drinkability: Lively with a bone-dry finish, a refreshing bottle of Red Car was made for one of our favourite pastimes: gathering loved ones around a well-appointed cheese plate.

The Color Quality: Light melon-pink

The Perfect Pairing: A luminescent, rosé-coloured eye shadow worn just across the lid (sans mascara) is an underutilised way to warm up the face—and a room full of fromages and friends!

Matthiasson Rosé

Napa Valley CA, 2014

The Drinkability: A delicate, crisp rosé made by The San Francisco Chronicle's 2014 Winemaker of the Year. We especially love this wine in its magnum size for a backyard bash.

The Color Quality: Peachy blush

The Perfect Pairing: Dust on an understated light pink blush while enjoying a glass for a luminous look that goes with everything, just like this rosé.

Clos Cibonne Tibouren Rosé

Côtes de Provence France, 2013

The Drinkability: This special wine is made in an old-world style using the very rare Tibouren grape. It’s slightly more aged than most rosés, but it’s just as vibrant and delectable and can be enjoyed with everything from spicy foods to traditional Provençal fare, like a salad niçoise.

The Color Quality: Coral pink

The Perfect Pairing: Sip it with a slick of bright coral pink lipstick; because a standout rosé deserves a similar statement smile.

La Croix du Prieur Rosé

Côtes de Provence France, 2014

The Drinkability: This laid-back rosé is the essence of summer. It's smooth, light, dry, and beautiful.

The Color Quality: Barely-there pink

The Perfect Pairing: The only thing better than actually drinking this wine is swirling it in a perfectly manicured hand, polished with with a sheer, baby-pink lacquer.

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