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Next in our video series with makeup artist,
photographer and blogger Robin Black of Beauty is Boring,
see how to channel your inner artist (or is it mixologist?)
with new Pure Color Love Lipstick.

It’s fair to say we’re experts when it comes to applying lipstick—and not just because this is a beauty blog. Lipstick is the great beauty unifier: anyone can wear it, and you don’t need to be an artist to apply it.

But that’s not to say you can’t get creative. Our newest lipstick, Pure Color Love, was made for experimentation. With 30 shades including everything from classic red to chic nude, the lineup also features 4 distinct finishes: Ultra mattes, shimmery pearls, edgy cremes and cool chromes. And therein lies the magic, because these shades were made to be mixed. Glide a matte along lips’ outer edge, then dab a pearl inside for a textured take on ombré. Top a creme with a chrome, and see it transform from a single coat of color to a multidimensional shine.

The possibilities are endless, which is why we asked Robin Black of the blog Beauty Is Boring to give us her top 3 lip remixes for spring. Watch the video above to see new takes on red, nude and plum, and you’ll never look at your standard shades the same way again. Now you’re an artist with a never-ending color palette—mix and remix to your heart’s content, then share your creations with #LoveLipRemix.

Stay tuned for more videos with Beauty Is Boring throughout the next several months. To learn more about Robin Black and her work, check her out at

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