Inspiration: Model Call

Kendall’s Loves

Estée Stories sat down with Kendall on the set
of her Pure Color Love video shoot to get
the scoop on everything from her best beauty tips
to her must-have guilty pleasures.

There’s a certain kind of alchemy that happens on the set of a major shoot. You’ve got people from all walks of life coming together to make a piece of art. Everyone is invested in the aesthetic aspect, from the makeup artists and hairstylists attending to the starring model, to the prop stylists ensuring that the background looks spectacular, to the director of photography charged with capturing it all on film perfectly.

It can be a nonstop day with tons of intensity, but that’s actually where the magic happens. A long gaze at the camera turns into a giddy laugh; a scene requiring serious focus erupts into a song and dance routine. And that’s exactly where we found ourselves behind the scenes with Kendall Jenner on the set of her shoot for new Pure Color Love Lipstick. Tucked away in a house just outside of Los Angeles, we were able to sit Kendall down to talk beauty, her career, guilty pleasures and secret talents—all of the important things in life. Watch the video above for your own exclusive on-set sneak peek.

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