Inspiration: Inspiraton: Beneath the Surface
Inspiration: Beneath The Surface

Covetable Curiosities

Jewelry designer Monica Rich Kosann takes us
behind the scenes of her design process for this year’s
ultra-covetable compact collection.

Monica Rich Kosann is a master of mixed mediums: a jewelry designer by trade, but a storyteller at heart. She created her second collection of compacts and gifts exclusively for Estée Lauder this year, inspired by a visit to Hearst Castle in California. “If you walk around, it has all these exquisite statues of sea life, sky life, the heavens, and an indoor pool completely filled with mosaics from top to bottom,” she explains. “What always struck me about this is that if you were so lucky as to dive into this pool, you dove into the sky. And then if you floated on your back to look up at the ceiling, it was everything from the sea. So what I did with this collection was merge the sky and the ocean together.”

Hidden within each piece is an inspirational quote reflective of the item itself. “I’m all about storytelling, and every piece tells some sort of a story,” Kosann says. “You powder your nose and you look inside and see this quote, and it gives you a little kick in your step.”

Click through to hear straight from Kosann even more reasons why you’ll want to add these collectibles to your vanity.

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