Beauty: Makeup

Ready Set

Join Kendall and Joan as they get ready for what
promises to be a night to remember.


Sometimes the getting-ready part of going out is more fun than the event itself. Picture it: You’re gathered in front of a mirror with a best friend (or five), doing each other’s makeup, picking out what to wear, and reminiscing on nights past. The evening is stretched out in front of you and filled with nothing but possibility. How would you spend it?

Music: Check. Some champagne: Why not? Selfies: A given.

That’s why we teamed up with Vogue to watch as Estée Lauder spokesmodels Kendall Jenner and Joan Smalls got ready for what was sure to be an epic party. Between the incredible dresses, on-point makeup (of course), and killer dance moves, we want to go where they’re going. Watch each of the three videos below to see the full pre-game in action, and get the scoop on the products and shades Kendall and Joan are wearing. You might just be inspired to start planning your next girls’ night out.

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