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Signature Style:
Nude Attitude

Jewellery designer Drew Ginsburg shares her
love affair with a nude lip.


The paradox of choice is a common quibble, given our ever-increasing options in every arena—from choosing what to binge-watch to narrowing down lunch possibilities. One way to streamline a busy weekday morning is to cultivate a sort of beauty uniform, a single signature look around which to build your go-to face. For example, start with a cat-eye, then add variables, like blush versus bronzer, or a bold or nude lip. In this edition of Signature Style, we tapped jewellery designer and DYLANLEX founder Drew Ginsburg to chat about her love affair with a nude lip, her own signature look.

Ginsburg is a longtime matte devotee. “My lips are really big, and I had to grow into them,” she explains. “I’d steal my mom’s matte, nude lip liner and would color in my lips to tone down their natural crimson tone. I felt like my mouth was the biggest part of my face.”

I like to keep my beauty look classic, because everything else I’m wearing is so over the top.

“I like to keep my beauty look classic, because everything else I’m wearing is so over the top,” Ginsburg says. Her standard matte, nude lip is a foil to her bold accessory choices. “My outfits tend to be more neutral and monochromatic, either all black or all cream, and then I like to pile on jewellery,” she explains. “I want my look to be clean and age-appropriate, as I’m in my late twenties, so I pair my nude lip with just a little dark-brown eyeliner and brow gel.” To perfect her look, Ginsburg uses a matte lip pencil that matches her skintone.

Ginsburg then applies a mascara that’s both lengthening and volumising. “Defined lashes help me to emphasise my almond-shaped eyes,” she says. She combs it through just on the top lashes, dragging them out diagonally for a feline effect. “I’m inspired by Kate Moss’ signature look, as she looks really beautiful, but natural,” Ginsburg confesses. “She has a little bit of smokey eye and is artfully disheveled in a very next-day way. It shows that you care, [without going] crazy.”

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